my phone is being mean and won’t let me upload any pictures … well at least it’s kind of working again 

I love the way the light falls into my room in the morningp

what a shitty night… On the train home I was sitting next to the creepiest dude ever, he kept glaring at my legs and shooting me looks trough the window and actually WINKED at me it was so disgusting.. He got off at the same station as well so I just ran in the opposite direction and didn’t even notice I was going the wrong way. So glad to be home.
What made things worse was that my phone has died too. I thought that was going to happen sometime soon anyway but it still sucks.

…… please send hugs and positive vibes this way 


Anonymous asked:

what type of camera do you have? you take lovely photos!


thank you! I use a canon EOS 500 N film camera 

I don’t have access to a scanner right now but these are some of the things I made recently. 3th and 4th pic are school assignments, the rest of it is kind of random stuff.

Hola! This blog is dying out a little but I’m pretty busy right now and recovering from a very bad cold. I’d like to get back into it though. My new room is far from finished and still tiny, but I think it’s going to be really nice!
School is really interesting but there’s so much to learn and everyone is so talented it’s a little overwhelming every now and then. I’m ridiculously motivated so I think I’ll be fine. I’ll try to post more snapshots in the future.

(not that straight, sorry)

Left: a cute street in Nevers
Right: a shop in Vézelay 

One of my favourite pictures from France 

Home for the weekend, moving some stuff to Utrecht tomorrow. Also I’ll finally be able to scan some new sketchbook drawings because this blog seems to be turning into a film photography blog. (almost done posting holiday pictures anyway) 


Anonymous asked:

Wow, you get your photos developed pretty fast :).


I’m not completely sure what you mean, but it usually takes about four-six days to get them developed. 

Breakfast in bed / Reading by the lake

So I’ve also taken kind of the same pictures with my phone and posted them but these are just a bit better and I will never cease to love seeing all of the parisian roofs and chimneys.