A summer barbecue with my family 

A feather my mom found during one of our walks in France 

(sorry my scanner was a bit dusty)
This picture was taken in a beautiful church in Nevers, France. It was destroyed during the second world war, and the stained glass windows were recreated by modern artists. The effect was so amazing, especially the light shining trough the windows and casting beautiful coloured patterns. 


Anonymous asked:

what do you use to draw on canvas bags? any special type of pens? yours looks great


hey, thanks a lot! I use an edding textile pen, which works great for me. It’s a pretty thin one too, which makes it easier to do detailed drawings. 

So much has happened / is happening recently! I am officially moving out: I found a room in Utrecht and will be living in a house with four other girls starting september. It is a very tiny room though- literally 6 m2, I’m not even exaggerating- so I hope I won’t be living there for too long. It’s a place to start anyway so I’m happy. On friday I will go to Antwerp for the introduction of my new studies. I already met my classmates and am really looking forward to school for what must be the first time in like, five years. It’s all really exciting but also scary and it feels like I’m leaving a lot behind but hopefully it will all be worth it! 

I made some drawings on a canvas bag recently. Planning to do more and maybe experiment with embroidery and typography on them! 

taken during a beautiful walk on a summer’s day 

The perks of being called ‘Femme’
(free the woman! aka me)