Anonymous asked:

Could you let us know what model is your camera exactly?


Sure! It’s a canon EOS 500 n

I got back from Antwerp late last night and it was very nice. I didn’t really take any pictures though because I was too preoccupied with socializing / the busy schedule / new impressions / etc. Tomorrow I move out.  

This heart was ready-made by nature 


cherita-chen asked:

I know I've already sent you a message but the more I scroll down your blog, the more I'm in love with it! Do you use a film camera for your pictures?


Thanks so much for your nice messages! And yes, I use a canon SLR film camera. I got it from my aunt who didn’t use it anymore but I’m super happy with it and actually prefer it to my digital SLR camera. The quality of the pictures is usually great and it’s dead easy to use.

An evening walk in the french Bourgogne during the ‘golden hour’

good old mean girls quote 

I never knew the little forest near my house could be so beautiful 

A summer barbecue with my family 

A feather my mom found during one of our walks in France